- Children are capable of anything -

Avendale International Kindergarten, with campuses across both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, aims to inspire all children to extend their learning, knowledge and personal growth, and help empower them to recognise they are capable of anything


Share books every day

Exploring books, street signs and other texts around the environment will increase children’s vocabulary, knowledge and their ability to recognise letters and words. This will develop children's language and communication and help develop and encourage future written language.

Challenge with choices

Build children's confidence and independence by encouraging them to make choices; what book would you like to read today? Empower them to make responsible choices.

Imagination and Creativity

Children should be encouraged to explore their creativity and use their imagination to learn and express themselves. This teaches children problem solving skills, and can extend their play ideas through small world and role play.

Learn through play

Within the context of an active play-based learning environment, children will have many different ways of representing their thoughts and feelings. Some will choose music, movement or role play and others may explore small world, mark making or sensory exploration.

What's Happening