Applying to Avendale International Kindergarten

The information below explains the main steps of our admissions application process, which may vary depending on the applied programme.

  • Apply online or via PDF form
    Avendale International Kindergarten accepts admission applications all year round. Simply complete the pre-nursery / kindergarten application form. Our admissions team will get back to you within 48 hours of submission.
  • Pay application fee
    The administration fee of $500 is non-refundable and are collected after we receive your application form. This can be paid online or in person. Cash Cheque - Bank Transfer - Credit/Debit Card all accepted.
  • Attend meeting
    Once submitted our admissions team will arrange for you and your child to attend an informal meeting where our school principals can gain a better understanding of each child.
  • Receive admission application response
    We carefully take the time and effort to ensure that we are able to cater for your childs needs. Once we have made our decision we shall inform you on our decision either by mail or over the phone.

We invite you for a school tour and an overview of our curriculum. These sessions are interactive and will allow you to understand our approach to teaching and learning. You will also be able to explore our innovative learning environments.

You may download and print a copy of our applications forms from this page. Non refundable administration fee applied.

If you are invited to attend a meeting with a teacher, we will engage you in conversation regarding your child and educational expectations. Your child will also be observed while interacting with our learning environment.

If your child is offered a place at Avendale, we will notify you in writing via email. To accept the offer, you will need to complete and submit the enrolment acceptance letter and pay the first instalment of fees prior to the deadline.

Fee (HKD) per month – $7,900 *Annual fees are collected by 11 installments.

Fee (HKD) per month – $7,900 *Annual fees are collected by 11 installments.

$126,500 per annum (are collected by 11 installments) 每年學費$126,500(分11期繳交)

Our admissions staff will be in touch with you shortly after receiving your submissions.

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