Avendale Summer Programme

Summer programme 2019 is only available at our Sai Wan & Harmony Garden campuses.

Early bird discount only until May 31st 2019 – Limited Spaces Available!

Multi-week purchase discounts now available!

Avendale Presents

Each week your child and our Early Childhood Professional Educators will adventure around the world engaging in Storytelling and Drama, Creative Arts, Cooking and Science.

Our Creative Arts workshop is sure to bring out your child’s inner artist. During our artist workshop children will have the opportunity to develop their creative art skills. Encouraging this fundamental element is essential for early childhood development and children will have the opportunity to explore many forms and use different material as their have fun expressing themselves. We are sure your children will love this experience.

Summer is the perfect time for children to ask ‘why’ and exploring science gives children that golden opportunity. During our science investigation, children will begin to understand, through hands on investigations the importance of asking “why”.

This question is important at every age of development and it is also at the foundation of science and the world around us. By investigating science through a fun and hands on way, children will develop critical and creative thinking skills as they work together in the field of science exploration.

Each day children will investigate and develop different scientific skills such as; making and using observations, identification and classification, performing test and developing their skills in using simple scientific equipment. The world of science is amazing, come explore with us!

Children love to hear a good story. Telling stories can take children on amazing adventures and can develop their creativity, imagination and love of learning. With storytelling and drama adventure, children will explore many wonderful stories and be immerse in the world of literacy.

Children will not only listen to stories but they will also have the opportunity to act out the stories and even create their own stories to share with others. Along the way children will develop and learn many new skills such as dramatic performance, Language skills, visual arts, and social and teamwork skills.

It`s never too early, to begin the learning curve in the kitchen and children of all ages will become absorbed with the activities of their surroundings in the Avendale Summer Programme Master Chef kitchen! Naming foods, learning recipes and hearing the whirl and noises of the kitchen instruments will delight and inspire your child.

Not only are children of all ages interested in what goes on in the kitchen, there are many benefits from getting involved and here is just a short list of the wisdom that gets passed on when children cook: Math Skills, Comprehension, Real Life Science, Self-Esteem, Communication and Life Skills.

Week 1 : 2- 5 July

Week 2 : 8 – 12 July

Week 3 : 15 – 19 July

Week 4 : 22 – 26 July

Available Times:

9:00 AM TO 10:15 AM | 10:45 AM TO 12:00 PM |

 1:30 PM TO 2:45 PM | 3:15 PM TO 4:30 PM

Week 1 : 24 – 28 June |

Week 2 : 2 – 5 July

Week 3 : 8 – 12 July

Week 4 : 15 – 19 July

Week 5 : 22 – 26 July

Week 6 : 29 July – 2 August

Week 7 : 5 – 9 August

Available Times:

9:00 AM TO 11:00 PM | 1:30PM TO 3:30 PM

Week 1 : 24 – 28 June

Week 2 : 2 – 5 July

Week 3 : 8 – 12 July

Week 4 : 15 – 19 July

Week 5 : 22 – 26 July

Week 6 : 29 July – 2 August

Week 7 : 5 – 9 August

Available Times:

9:00 AM TO 12:00 PM | 1:30PM  TO 4:30 PM

3 – 6 Years (Mon – Fri) For 1 week: $2,950

24 – 36 Months (Mon, Wed & Fri) For 1 week: $1,400

9 – 24 Months (Mon, Wed & Fri) For 1 week: $1,150

9 – 24 Months (Tues & Thurs) For 1 week: $800

Multi-Week Discount Up To 15%

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Avendale Summer Programme 2019

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