Questions About Curriculum
Questions About Curriculum

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While conducting school tours and parent interviews we are often asked about our curriculum and student standards. This is a vital component of any school and in recognition of this, Avendale International Kindergarten continues to aim for world class best practice in curriculum development and pedagogical implementation. With this goal in mind our school has established a curriculum development committee to ensure that our standards align with the future needs of our young learners.

Avendale International Kindergarten draws upon the Hong Kong Kindergarten curriculum guidelines and the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) United Kingdom. We have used these source documents to support and localize a curriculum that prepares students for the future. We recognize that our school operates in a unique context in Hong Kong and that our educational programmes should recognize and respect this uniqueness. By combining the cultural influences from an international perspective and those of our host country we are able to provide our children with rich, deep and diverse cultural experiences. Our curriculum development committee also reviews our continuous assessment cycle, teacher observations and reporting to parents to ensure that as a school we are following the requirements of our source curriculum documents. A system of continuous observation and documentation of students operates at Avendale International Kindergarten. This is based on learning progress in all aspects of schoolwork. All teachers at Avendale International Kindergarten plan for and carefully observe these areas. The areas of learning include cognitive and language development (numeracy, literacy, logical concepts, reasoning and problem solving), fine and gross motor development, social and emotional learning, science, nature and the world around them and aesthetic development. Teachers maintain authentic, careful and accurate records and observations on each student and discuss such information with the curriculum development committee, parents and the school leadership team. This team approach helps all stakeholders in the learning process.

At Avendale International Kindergarten. we also understand that childhood development occurs best when children are immersed in a play based, child centred environment. Learning Provocations should be based on child’s interest and developmental needs. These provocations also need to be well sequenced and at an appropriate developmental level. We understand that learning does not merely take place automatically due to maturation. It is our responsibility to facilitate/guide the appropriate experiences for this development and to cater for individual differentiation within our programming. Each learner is unique and is a co-constructor of their educational journey. Each teacher’s programme is also a reflection of the school’s philosophy towards education. It is distinctive in its format, teaching approach, and teaching principles. Each programme must:

  1. Use the Hong Kong kindergarten Education Guide and the EYFS curriculum document as a planning source. and be consistent with Hong Kong’s policy and directions.
  2. Provide evidence of the planning cycle:
    1. Collection of information & observation
    2. Question and analyse
    3. Plan
    4. Act/do
    5. Reflection
  3. Include written observation and records
  4. Align with Avendale’s teaching approach and demonstrate a child centred pedagogy.
  5. Provide evidence or show that we recoginse that each child is a unique learner.
  6. Reflective assessment must be an integral part of ongoing learning activities with reference to future improvements.
  7. Incorporate character education and Social Emotional Learning

Please feel free to make an appointment with our school office if you have any further questions about Avendale’s curriculum.