5 activities to develop gross motor skills at home
5 activities to develop gross motor skills at home

A common issue for parents in Hong Kong is the lack of space for their children to move around and play. Luckily, wide-open space is not essential to develop gross-motor skills in young children.

Early Childhood Education

Here are some activities you can do easily at home:

  • Buy some paper plates! These can be used in a variety of ways. Your child can use them as skates to move around the home and practice the skill of balancing and moving their legs in an alternative way to walking or running. You can paint the plates in different colours and get them to step to a specific colour or use them like a twister mat. Child using paper plates as skates

  • Blow up some balloons. These are a great tool to use indoors as they are not likely to knock over anything valuable. Challenge your child to balance the balloon on different parts of their body (like an outstretched leg). Or place the balloon between their knees and walk around the house like a penguin. Child balancing a balloon

  • Create a balance beam out of tape. This is very simple but lots of fun! Use some coloured tape or masking tape to make different lines (straight, zigzag) on the floor. Ask your child to walk the line from start to finish on their toes, on their heels, toe-to-toe, etc. Child balancing on tape

  • Do Alphabet Yoga! This is a lot of fun and you can get involved with your child. Learn the letters of the alphabet while making shapes with your body and try hold them each for a breath. A - aeroplane (arms out wide and move like a plane), B - bicycle (lie on your back and pedal your feet), C - cat pose (get on all fours, then round your back while tucking your chin then release).

  • Make an obstacle course. You can get as creative as you like with this one. Use the couch cushions to create stepping stones or get your child to pretend the floor can’t be touched and they have to move from one end of the course to the other across your home.

We hope these ideas get your little learners moving and developing their skills of stepping, jumping, balancing, imitating movement and coordination.