Singing with finger puppets (for 6 months and older)

You will need paper, colour crayons/pens, sticky tape, scissors

Home Learning

What to do?

To create simple finger puppets you will need: paper, colour crayons/pens/markers, sticky tape.

Sing the popular Daddy Finger song with your child while you capture their attention with the finger puppets.

Steps to make the finger puppets

Materials needed
1. Assemble your materials. You can recycle any paper you like e.g. CNY red packets.
Size the paper
2. Cut the paper into rectangles with the short side roughly the length of the finger you want the puppet to fit.
Fold the paper
3. Fold the paper rectangles into 3 equal parts and then draw a face on the middle panel.
Finger puppets
4. Use the sticky tape to turn the rectangle into a cylinder that fits your finger and repeat the process for each finger.

How does music benefit my child?

Listening to music develops auditory processing skills. Besides the dynamics of sound, children can learn about rhythm, tempo and pattern. Music is also fundamental for emotional development. Children can bond with caregivers through music or musical storytelling. Children can learn language in a fun and engaging way through the interactive medium that is music. They can pick up new words and expand their understanding of language through simple songs.

Learning outcomes

  • Emotional and cognitive development, through emotional expression
  • Fine & gross motor development
  • Creativity: storytelling, imagination

Discuss with your child

Asking your child questions encourages them to think and engage in deeper learning. For instance, you could ask them:

  • Who is that?
  • Is that Granny / Daddy / kitty ? (i.e. family members as your child refers to them)
  • What do you hear?
  • Can you hear the bell? Similar to asking questions, repetition of the words and rhymes within the songs will help your child make deeper connections.

Age guide

  • 6 - 12 months: You will need to make the finger puppets and sing to your child while wearing the finger puppets yourself
  • Toddlers: Toddlers are naturally more capable than infants and may be contribute to the creation process by drawing or colouring the puppets. They will enjoy singing along with you.
  • Older children: As children’s capabilities grow they can become more and more independent in creating the finger puppets. Older children may wish to use finger puppets as part of a role play or small world exploration