Connect the dots alphabet (for 3 - 5 year olds)

An activity to develop your child's interest in reading & writing

Home Learning

What to do?

Write the letters of the alphabet in random order all over a piece of paper. Go through the alphabet song with your child and then get them to identify letter A. Ask them to draw a line connecting the alphabet letters in sequence and encourage them to sing the alphabet song to assist them in figuring out which letter is next. While younger children will need you to help them identify most of the letters it will still be a great activity to learn which letter corresponds with which sound in the song. If your child knows any phonics songs this is also a good chance to use that knowledge to help them with the activity.

Alphabet play

Learning outcomes

Every activity we do at Avendale is purposefully designed with developmentally appropriate learning outcomes in mind. Connect the dots alphabets assists children’s learning in these areas:

  • Language: Speaking, singing known songs
  • Literacy: developing letter identification
  • Fine motor: practising grip

Key words

While doing this activity with your child you can focus on building specific vocabulary by deliberately using words they may not yet be familiar with. The words you choose to focus on will depend on your child’s current vocabulary. Example words to focus on may be:

  • alphabet
  • letter names

Discuss with your child

Asking your child questions encourages them to think and engage in deeper learning. For instance, you could ask them:

  • Which letter comes after (x)?
  • What sound is the letter (x)?
  • Can you try to find it on the page?
  • Do you want to try and write a letter?