Jelly number hunt (2 - 4 year olds)

This activity is a fun and easy way to incorporate numeracy into an activity at home!

Home Learning

What to do?

All you will need is a few boxes of jelly and a set of numbers (fridge magnets, foam, etc). Set the jelly overnight, making sure the numbers are spread throughout. The next day take the jelly out and let your child explore it with their hands and ‘rescue’ the numbers. Ask your child to identify the number each time they find one and separate them into different containers. If you have 2 or more children (maybe invite a friend to visit!) you can make it into a game and see who can unearth the most numbers!

Finding numbers in jelly

Learning outcomes

Every activity we do at Avendale is purposefully designed with developmentally appropriate learning outcomes in mind. Jelly number hunt assists children’s learning in these areas:

  • Numeracy: Identifying numbers 1 - 10
  • Language: Language development around numbers
  • Sensory: Exploring the world using our senses
  • Fine motor development

What are the benefits of sensory play?

Sensory play has been well researched and is an essential part of a young child’s cognitive development. By including senses like touch, smell and, when appropriate, taste in a learning activity more neural connections are made in the child’s brain, improving retention in memory and the ability to build on the experience with future learning.

Key words

While your child is playing say the numbers 1 - 10 out loud as they touch or hold the numbers to reinforce the connection between the form of the number and the sound of the word representing the number.

Discuss with your child

Asking your child questions encourages them to think and engage in deeper learning. For instance, you could ask them:

  • What numbers can you find?
  • How many of (x) can you find?
  • What number do you get if you add these two together?
  • How does the jelly feel in your hands?
  • What do we need to do to get the numbers out of the jelly?