Maths with LEGO (5 - 6 year olds)

Learning maths can be fun!

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What to do?

LEGO is a popular favourite amongst children and have many wonderful uses! When children explore the blocks and build structures, they begin to learn a range of mathematical skills and concepts. Children are visual and hands-on learners and building blocks help children visualise how numbers, quantities, patterns and symmetry relate to each other in real life.

By limiting the number of blocks, your child is able to solidify their understanding of addition and subtraction and begin to understand that every piece has a specific value.

Playing with LEGO

Maths challenges to do with your child

  • Create a series of patterns
  • Look for similarities in LEGO blocks (i.e. size, shape, colour)
  • Order blocks by size
  • Categorize by colour
  • Measure length and height of creations
  • Count number of blocks used in creations
Materials needed Size the paper Size the paper Size the paper

Learning outcomes

Every activity we do at Avendale is purposefully designed with developmentally appropriate learning outcomes in mind. LEGO play can assist children’s learning in these areas:

  • Numeracy: counting, categorising, sequencing, classifying, arranging, estimation, measuring, symmetry, one to one correspondence
  • Fine motor skills: hand-eye coordination, hand muscle development
  • Creative arts: self expression, imagination
  • Social skills: problem solving, critical thinking, attention, self-confidence, persistence

Discuss with your child

Asking your child questions encourages them to think and engage in deeper learning. For instance, you could ask them:

  • What can we create with blocks?
  • How can we sort the blocks?
  • How can you create a pattern?
  • How many blocks will you need?