Baking cookies (4 - 6 year olds)

Baking with children gives them an opportunity to develop a range of knowledge and skills!

Home Learning

Children love activities in the kitchen because they can use all their senses and helps them make better sense of the world around them by learning where their food comes from. There are lots of ways to get children involved in the kitchen and baking cookies is always a favourite!

What to do

For this activity, you can follow any simple cookie recipe of your choice. For extra fun, use cookie cutters, rolling pins, icing and sprinkles!

Whilst following a recipe, children practise their listening and sequencing skills, and get to understand the importance of following a plan. Baking also exposes children to mathematical concepts in real life such as counting out eggs, measuring liquids and weighing flour. Children’s fine motor skills are strengthened through mixing dough, rolling out balls, using a rolling pin and flattening dough with their hands. They also practise their hand-eye coordination by carefully pouring ingredients into bowls, pouring batter, sifting flour and decorating with icing!

Tip: Periodically observe the cookies rising in the oven and ask children to comment on their observations.

Rolling dough

Learning outcomes

  • Numeracy: sequencing, measuring, counting, spatial perception
  • Understanding of the world: making observations, understanding where food comes from, cause and effect
  • Sensory: exploring textures, taste, smell
  • Language and communication: vocabulary development, planning, problem solving
  • Fine motor: hand eye coordination, muscle strengthening
  • Creative arts: self expression, decision making

Discuss with your child:

  • What does it smell/taste/feel like?
  • I like how you are… (make observation about what they are doing)
  • How can we measure out our ingredients?
  • What might these tools be for?
  • How will you decorate the cookies?
  • What will happen when we put the cookies in the oven?