Fruit water exploration (6 months and older)

A fun and easy way to work on fine motor skills, counting and pattern making all in one!

Home Learning

You will need

  • sliced fruit or vegetables such as oranges or lemons
  • large container
  • water
  • spoons or nets

What to do?

Place water into a large container, and add in the various fruits and vegetable slices. Citrus fruits work wonderfully due to their strong smell. Allow your baby to explore the fruits and vegetables, encouraging them to pick up the slices and move them around in the water - strengthening their motor skills whilst developing their senses. This activity is taste safe, and your child can therefore fully explore using all their senses! Cutting thicker slices will increase the weight of the fruit, and pose an added challenge for your child as they manipulate the individual slices using both their gross and fine motor skills!

Fruit water

Learning outcomes

  • Gross motor development: picking up and moving the fruit.
  • Fine motor development: manipulating and exploring individual slices.
  • Sensory exploration: taste, touch, smell, sight.

Ask your child

  • What can you see/touch/taste/smell?
  • Can you move the fruit around?
  • Let’s pick up the pieces of fruit/vegetables with the spoon!