Painting with vegetables (3 - 6 year olds)

Build fine motor skills and confidence through creativity

Home Learning

This can be an exciting way to explore painting with no stress of trying to paint the perfect masterpiece, but rather just enjoying the therapeutic process of creating!

You will need

  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Broccoli
  • Lemons
  • Celery
  • Or anything else that you think will be fun to try painting with! We used pine cones, as well as feathers stuck onto the end of sticks!

What to do

  1. Place a piece of newspaper or plastic onto the floor as a ground cover.
  2. Place a big piece of paper on top of that.
  3. Next squeeze out different coloured paints into different Tupperware containers. (Make sure to add white and black paint, so that your child can explore mixing different tones of colours, light and dark).
  4. Cut up the broccoli into big pieces, and cut the lemons in half. Break the celery into sticks.
  5. Allow your child to explore their creativity by using the different vegetables and paints to express themselves! See the different textures and imprints created!

Set up

Painting with vegetables

Completed painting

Learning outcomes

  • Expressing oneself through visual arts
  • Sensory experience
  • Building fine motor skills
  • Observing how paints mix together and create different tones
  • Gaining self confidence in one’s creativity by being creative

Key words

  • Art
  • Colour wheel
  • Primary, secondary colours
  • Tones
  • Express yourself
  • Therapeutic
  • Textures
  • Print / mark making

Discuss with your child

  • I wonder how you can make different tones of colours? How can we make this colour lighter / darker?
  • I wonder what texture this broccoli will make on the page?
  • Art is a great way of just having fun and expressing yourself! Should we have fun?