Mark making on windows (3 - 4 year olds)

All your child needs is a whiteboard marker and a window...

Home Learning

Children should always have the opportunity to mark make. Children of all ages enjoy exploring how pens, markers, crayons, etc move. When they are young they are exploring it through their senses, however as they begin to understand that letters hold meaning they also understand that the marks they make hold meaning. They begin to mark make with purpose and with an end result in mind.

Mark making can happen on any surface, it is good to use different surfaces (vertical as well as horizontal). You can put paper on the floor, walls and table or alternatively you can use windows! All you need is a space for children to explore their marks and some pens, markers, crayons or chalk! Always encourage children when they are mark making, congratulate them on their marks and ask what they have created. Sometimes they are just exercising their fine motor skills and seeing what different marks they can make (lines, circles, etc).

Mark making on the window

Tip: While we do not recommend using permanent marker on your windows (or if you leave dry erase marker on the window for too long), solvent based aerosol sprays such as deodorant can be used to remove permanent marker from glass more easily than many regular household cleaning products.

Learning outcomes

  • Physical development: fine/gross motor skills, pencil grasp
  • Literacy: pre-writing skills
  • Language: vocabulary, communication
  • Social skills: emotion, feelings, creativity, imagination

Keys words

  • marks
  • draw
  • colour
  • who
  • what

Ask your child

  • What have you created?
  • Can you tell me about your drawing?
  • Who have you drawn?
  • What can you see?