Writing letters using everyday objects (5 - 6 year olds)

Learn to write using everyday objects at home

Home Learning

You will need

  • some paper or cardboard, cut into rectangles
  • a pen
  • some wood glue
  • every day objects that you can find in your home or even outside

What to do

  1. Help your child write one letter of the alphabet on a piece of the paper/cardboard. If you like, you can start from “a”, and go through the whole alphabet! Alternatively, ask them what their favourite letters are, and start there.
  2. Refer to the letter name “A”, and then ask them what sound it makes, “aaa”. It is important for the child to know the difference between the letter name and the sound that the letter makes. As this will help them when they begin to blend letter sounds and form words, and ultimately when they begin to write.
  3. Once your child has written or copied one letter using a pen onto the paper/cardboard, they can then take wood glue and trace over the letter with it.
  4. Finally, allow them to take everyday objects to decorate their letter by gluing the objects to the paper/cardboard!

This is a really fun way to make letters and sounds come alive, by creating them in 3D form! You can create the whole alphabet with your child and put it up on display on the bedroom wall! Or even leave them in a box, so that they can have fun picking them up, touching and feeling the different forms of the letters, and who knows, maybe they could even begin blending together words with these 3D letters!

Examples of everyday objects your child might use:

  • beads
  • plastic bottle tops
  • cut up straws
  • cut up material
  • dried out leaves or flowers

Gluing objects to make letters

Gluing objects to make letters

Learning outcomes

  • fine motor development
  • eye hand coordination
  • Pre writing skills
  • knowledge of letter names and sounds

Key words

  • Alphabet
  • The letter names
  • The letter sounds

Ask your child

  • I wonder what sound this letter makes?
  • What is your favourite letter or sound and why?
  • Do you know how to write any letters? Which ones? Can you show me?