Maze cutting (for 4 - 5 year olds)

One of the best ways to help children strengthen the fingers used for writing is through simple scissor activities.

Home Learning

Children need to be able to properly hold pencils and use scissors skilfully to help prepare them for success in classroom settings. Scissor cutting is an effective activity for children to exercise their tripod fingers muscles and practise hand-eye coordination.

You will need

  • paper
  • markers or crayons
  • child-size scissors

What to do

On coloured paper, draw a maze or various types of lines and invite your child to use scissors to cut through the maze. Alternatively, you can ask your child to draw their own mazes or lines to cut through.

Tip: Ensure your child correctly uses the tripod fingers in the holes. To adjust to your child’s skill level, practise cutting out straight lines before moving onto squiggles and shapes.

Scissor cutting is open ended and can be further extended or built upon with your child’s own imagination. For example, ask children what they can use these cut outs for, or hang up what they cut to enhance their sense of accomplishment and confidence in their own abilities.

Cutting along the lines with scissors

Learning outcomes

  • Fine motor skills: tripod finger muscles, hand-eye coordination
  • Language/communication: planning, critical thinking, problem solving
  • Social skills: self-confidence

Discuss with your child

  • What can you cut?
  • What do these lines remind you of?
  • What can we use these shapes for?
  • Where can we display your cut outs?