How is your home learning going?

Home Learning

We’ve had a really good response from our families as children are learning from home, and we would love to receive more photos of what you’ve been doing!

In talking with you, we’ve discovered that some of the materials that we’re using have not always been available in your homes. That’s no problem!

Here’s a list of where to find some of these items:

  • Food Colouring:

We often use food colouring at Avendale, but we realise that not everyone has it. The main colours (red, blue, green) are often available at larger supermarkets like Wellcome and Park N Shop, while less ‘popular’ colours can be found at specialist baking stores like those found on Shanghai Street in Yau Ma Tei.

  • Paints:

All of the paints we use are safe for children, and can be found in general stationary stores.

  • Crayons:

While you’re there, we recommend that younger children use thick-grip crayons, boxes of which are also available at these stores.

  • Funnels:

Water and sand play gets so much more interesting if you use a funnel! Funnels can often be bought from Living Plaza stores, or specialist baking stores.

If you do not have a specific material, and cannot buy the items listed above, why not experiment by swapping them for something you DO have?

For example, one of our wonderful Pre-Nursery students did an activity using painted dots to count. The family did not have paint, so they used grapes instead, and took a photo to show us! Great job!

Substituting grapes for paint

If you want to share photos of some of your home learning activities with the Avendale community, please send them to us via email or one of our campus WhatsApp numbers (Sai Wan or Whampoa).

We are looking forward to seeing everybody again once the Hong Kong class suspension has ended! In the meantime, stay healthy and make use of our home learning tips as best you can.