Letter recognition hunt (4 - 5 year olds)

Letter recognition is a fundamental concept to help prepare children for early reading.

Home Learning

The earlier your child can recognise letters, the easier they will find it to recall the corresponding sounds. This allows them to develop stronger phonetic awareness, essential to learning to read.

You will need

For this activity, you will need a large piece of paper and coloured markers.

What to do

On a large piece of paper, repeatedly write down 5 focus letters spaced out on paper. Tip: Use letters your child is already confident with in combination with some tricky letters. Ask children to use a coloured marker of their choice to connect the same letters (i.e. connect all the Bs). Use a different colour for each letter pathway. Encourage your child to trace the letters as they connect them and practise saying the letter-sounds aloud.

Learning extension ideas and variations

  • Draw various shapes over the same letters (i.e. circle the Cs, draw a square around the Es)
  • Use combination of upper and lower case letters

Extra challenge:

  • Once your child has mastered the letters, replace letters with short sight words to increase the level of difficulty. This allows children an opportunity to gain exposure to reading common everyday words that they can quickly recognise in print.

Finding the letters

Learning outcomes
  • Literacy: letter recognition, early reading skills
  • Fine motor: pencil grip, letter formation, hand eye coordination

Discuss with your child

  • What letters can you see here?
  • What sounds do they make?
  • How do you write this letter?
  • What words start with that sound?