Threading pasta (3 - 4 year olds)

Threading is an excellent activity to strengthen your child’s fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Home Learning

Pasta sensory bins can keep children occupied for hours at a time! They’re also very easy to create at home. You will need a few packs of uncooked penne pasta and something to thread the pasta on to (such as pipe-cleaners, string or straws). If you want you can colour the pasta with paint or dye and leave to dry before use. The use of the penne pasta also makes the activity more appropriate for the younger years. You can even help your child make a pasta necklace or bracelet if they want!

Threading pasta

Learning outcomes

  • Fine motor development: the controlled tripod finger gripping action (thumb, index & middle finger) used on the penne and the pincer action (thumb & index finger) on the string prepare your child to hold and direct pencils and markers
  • Hand eye coordination: tracking the movements of their fingers with their eyes is an important precursor skill on the path to learning to read
  • Sensory exploration: sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain and helps prepare your child for future complex learning

Ask your child

  • How many pieces of pasta can you fit on the pipe cleaner?
  • How can we make a necklace using these objects?
  • What else can you create?
  • Can you use something else other than your fingers to pick up the pasta?