Paint fireworks (6 months and older)

Exploring new ways to create an artistic work using materials at hand

Home Learning

You will you need

  • toilet paper roll
  • paints
  • paper

Paint fireworks

What to do

Babies are fascinated by paint and colours, they will discover its texture and how to transfer the paint to paper.

This activity also allows them to work on their hand-eye coordination, as well as to develop their fine motor skills.

Take the toilet paper roll, cut along the roll at regular intervals as shown in the photo. Soften the cut end to make it easier to dip into the paint.

Encourage your baby to choose the colour he wants to use, and transfer the paint to the paper. “What happens when you paint with the roller?”. In addition to being fun, this art activity allows them to discover new sensations (visual, olfactory, tactile …)

Cut the toilet roll into a brush

Learning outcomes

  • Exploring and using media and materials to create artwork
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Fine motor skills: hold the brush in full hand

Questions to ask

  • What happens when painting with the roller?
  • Which colour would you like to choose?
  • What feeling the paint has on your fingers?