Create an obstacle course using tape (5 - 6 year olds)

This is a fun and easy activity to do at home! All you need is some masking tape!

Home Learning

What to do

Begin by sticking the masking tape onto the floor. You can make zigzags as well as spirals and squares. The object is for your child to walk along the line whilst practising their balance. If they find it too easy, get them to do the obstacle course by hopping on one leg, or by bunny hopping!

An alternative is to use some string to layout your obstacle course, (it is easier to make spirals with string), and then stick down the string with pieces of masking tape!

Tape obstacle course Tape obstacle course Tape obstacle course Tape obstacle course

Learning outcomes

  • Develop gross motor skills
  • Develop foot-eye coordination
  • Develop balance

Prompting questions

  • I wonder how you can get from A to B?
  • I wonder how you could move over this space?
  • I wonder if you could balance while walking, hopping over this obstacle course?