Home made guitar (6 months and older)

Your child can be a rock star!

Home Learning

What to do

First of all, we need a small box which is a tissue box or smaller size. Some rubber bands and a toilet paper roll. We can put some rubber bands around the box as a “pluck instrument”. If you want this guitar to look real, you can stick a toilet paper roll on one end of the box. It will look like a real guitar!

Put on some music when the child is playing the “guitar”, and encourage them to play along. This is the best way to let the children enjoy the music!

You will need

  • a box
  • a few rubber bands
  • toilet paper roll(optional)

Home made guitar

Learning outcomes

  • Fine motor skills: Improve fingers sensitivity.
  • Enjoy music

Key words

  • instrument
  • sound
  • music

Discuss with your child

  • How to play this instrument?
  • What do you think?
  • Do you like the sound?