Warm up exercise (2 years and older)

This warms up your child's body and also exercises their gross motor skills. It’s a really good way to start the day!

Home Learning

Every morning, your child can follow the actions to do some body exercises!

What to do

Follow the instructions in this YouTube video.

The children can do the exercises with the adults together, you can imitate what the other one does, and do it together, lots of laughter will be had !

Warm up exercises

Learning outcomes

  • Exercise gross motor skills.

Key words / phrases

  • nod your head
  • turn your arms
  • twist
  • stomp
  • run
  • health

Ask your child

  • How do nod your head?
  • How to twist/stomp/run?
  • Am I doing it in right way
  • How many times do we need to do it? Can we count together?