Extract the pom poms (6 months and older)

This is about exercising your child's fine motor skills by encouraging him to extract the pom poms from the whip using their fingers. He will thus exercise the small muscles of the hand and his fingers as well as his hand-eye coordination.

Home Learning

What will you need?

  • a whisk
  • Pom Poms (which you can replace with fabrics or papers rolled into balls)

Why exercise fine motor skills?

Because it concerns acts related to the small fine muscles of the whole body and more particularly of the hand and fingers. It is also through these learnings that children prepare their writing skills.

It is important to encourage them in their development by offering them activities that encourage them to do things that require precision, calm and attention.

Materials needed for this activity

Learning outcomes

  • Fine motor skills: developing hand muscles
  • Develop the thoroughness of the hands
  • Gain dexterity
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • The sensory of the pom poms in the hand

Questions to ask your child

  • Can you take all the pom poms out of the whisk?
  • How do you feel when you press the pompom in your hand?