Master the fine motor box (1 - 2 year olds)

In addition to developing your child's fine motor skills, this exercise also helps engage their dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Home Learning

What is it?

You will need a cardboard box, make three holes in it. Insert three different colored straws. You can draw a circle, a triangle and a square around the holes (as in the example).

“Can you put the yellow straw in the circle? The blue straw in the square?” By asking these questions to your kid, you will be able to see together the different basic geometric shapes as well as the colors!

Why exercise fine motor skills?

Because it concerns acts related to the small fine muscles of the whole body and more particularly of the hand and fingers. It is also through these learnings that children prepare their writing skills.

It is important to encourage them in their development by offering them activities that encourage them to do things that require precision, calm and attention.

Playing with the fine motor box

Learning outcomes

  • Develop your concentration
  • The thoroughness of the hands
  • Coordination of movements between the eye and the hand
  • Gain dexterity
  • Vocabulary development

Questions to ask your child

  • What colour is the straw in the triangle?
  • What is the geometric shape in which you put the pink straw?