Tracing with playdough (3 - 4 year olds)

We LOVE playdough; it’s more than just a toy, it’s a learning opportunity! This is a fantastic pre-writing activity you can encourage your child to do alongside open ended playdough play.

Home Learning

You will need

  • playdough (recipe here)
  • straws
  • scissors

What to do

  1. First, flatten out a medium sized piece of play dough on a flat surface.
  2. Use a sharp object to draw a letter or number on the flattened area. Make sure that the letter/number is large enough to be easily recognizable when filled with straws.
  3. Cut straws to about one inch in length. If they are much longer they will be too easy to knock over, and your child will have a difficult time getting his or her hand into the area.

Tracing with playdough

Learning outcomes

  • Expressive art:
    • Understands that they can use lines to enclose a space and then begin to use these shapes to represent objects.
  • Understanding The World: (Science, nature, sensory)
    • Able to distinguish between two objects by their sizes, length, texture, hardness
  • Literacy:
    • Sometimes gives meaning to marks as they draw and paint.
    • Ascribes meanings to marks that they see in different places.