Home made pizza with your children (3 years and older)

You can use your entire home to teach your children. One fun and educational thing to do is to cook a healthy pizza with your child.

Home Learning

Children love being involved in the cooking process and it’s a fun way to teach them some important life skills. The recipe we have chosen is very simple and uses pita or naan bread as bases so it’s easy to do from home. Your child will love choosing their own toppings and creating their own pizza - a great chance for decision making and self expression!

You will need

  • some pita bread or naan bread or tortillas
  • a selection of chopped vegetables (e.g. capsicum/peppers, tomato, grated carrot, mushrooms, pitted olives, etc) - whatever your child likes, although avoid anything raw for hygiene reasons
  • cheese
  • tomato paste/tomato purée/pesto - again, just choose whatever your child likes
  • several small bowls (to place the ingredients in)

What to do

  1. Prepare the ingredients before hand, chopping and placing them in the small bowls
  2. Set the bowls and tortillas/pita/naan bread out for your child to assemble their own pizza
  3. Watch and guide your child while they assemble the pizza, talking to them as they construct their meal
  4. Bake the pizza for ~5 minutes in the oven (pre-heated) at 180 degrees Celsius
Preparing home made pizza Preparing home made pizza About to cook home made pizza Eating home made pizza

Learning outcomes

  • Social: Understanding the world
  • Creativity/Self expression
  • Cognitive: decision making

Key words

Key words to use while making the pizza with your child include all the ingredients of the pizza and basic cooking terms.