Dragon fruit artwork (3 - 4 year olds)

The natural colouring in red dragon fruit is so strong that it can be used as a safe and easy alternative to paint! All you will need is a piece of paper and a red flesh dragon fruit.

Home Learning

What to do

As dragon fruit is a soft fruit you can even make an activity out of cutting the fruit with your child. They can then explore the fruit with their five senses and then use it as both a paint brush and the actual paint itself! You can extend this activity by asking them to try to paint something specific such as their favourite toy and then get them to explain what they have painted afterwards. This will give your child the chance to exercise their creativity and language development as they explain this to you. This is a great activity that is quick and easy to set up but can entertain your child for a long time! Enjoy.

Making art with dragon fruit

Learning outcomes

  • Fine motor development
  • Understanding of the world
  • Creativity/imagination
  • Language development

Ask your child

  • How does the dragon fruit smell/taste/feel?
  • What colour is the dragon fruit?
  • When you put it onto the paper why is it changing the colour?
  • What part of the dragon fruit is creating the effect of paint on the paper?