Cleaning up (3 years and older)

We all know that cleaning can be difficult - and it isn’t always enjoyable. However, here are two ideas to make sure that tidying with your child is never a chore, and instead a fun activity.

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1. Create a cleaning kit

Children often learn best through imitation, so why not let them copy the adults as they clean? Provide your children with a (chemical free!) cleaning set featuring the following:

  • A dust rag for cleaning
  • A small water spray bottle
  • A child-sized dustpan and brush
  • A scouring sponge

Give the child access to this basket at all times, and show them how you use the objects yourself to clean up. By copying you, they may take pleasure in playing like a grown-up!

2. Create a small target

If your child’s made a BIG mess, it might not help to leave them to clean it up on their own. Younger children might not know the concepts behind cleaning yet, and might need a bit of help as they learn what to do. Messes like this, though common, might be too big for the child to understand what to do.

So, to help them, tape a small square on the floor. Whenever they make a mess that needs sweeping, encourage the child to brush all the mess into the square first- before helping them to pick it up in the dustpan.

The square is helpful because it provides the child with a visible, achievable target; while also lets them see 2 major stages of the cleaning process: 1) sweep it all together, then 2) pick it up.

Cleaning kit Mess to be swept up Mess having been swept up Ready to put in the bin

Source: Momtastic