Colour palette (1 - 2 year olds)

This is about playing learning colours, recognizing them, exercising fine motor skills to operate the clothes peg and placing it on the corresponding colour.

Home Learning

You will need

  • A palette (this can be a piece of wood or cardboard)
  • Paints or felts
  • Clothes pegs

What to do

To do this, paint coloured circles as on the palette in the photo, and also paint the clothes pegs according to the colours in your colour chart.

Help your child first to use the clothes pegs, and encourage them to find the corresponding colours.

A colour palette

Using a colour palette

Learning outcomes

  • Fine motor skills: developing hand muscles
  • Develop the thoroughness of the hands
  • Gain dexterity
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Recognise colours

Ask your child

  • What colour does this clip match with ?
  • Can you find the colour blue on the palette?
  • Can you press the clip and open it?