Find the shape (2 - 3 year olds)

This activity will help children to reinforce their knowledge of shapes, and to help them to make the connections with the surrounding world by recognising shapes.

Home Learning

You will need

  • Paper, pen
  • Baskets or containers

What to do

  1. Label the baskets with a shape by drawing the shape on some paper and placing the paper in the basket
  2. Ask your child to find objects that match the shapes in the basket(s) and place them in the correct basket
  3. Encourage your child to count the items in each basket This activity introduces your child to and reinforces the names of different shapes, and gives them an opportunity to sort items by shape and to practise their counting skills.

Find the shape

Learning outcomes

  • Counting 1 - 10
  • Able to say the name of shapes
  • Able to recognise shapes

Key words

  • Shape
  • Circle
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Triangle
  • Count
  • Numbers (1 - 10)

Ask your child

  • What is this shape called?
  • What can you find in the house that is a square/circle/rectangle/triangle shape?
  • Which basket is for square/circle/rectangle/triangle shapes?