Shape treasure baskets (6 - 12 month olds)

Treasure baskets are a fantastic way to help your toddler learn about the world around them, whilst engaging them in a specific theme.

Home Learning

In order to build your child’s understanding of numeracy and geometry, you can group objects of similar shapes together in a shape treasure basket!

In order to create a treasure basket you will need a basket or container which can hold at least 5 objects, circular, square, triangular objects found around the house such as a book, a jar lid, or a ruler. Put the objects inside the container and allow your child to freely explore - ensuring that all objects are safe to be played with.

Shape treasure basket

Learning outcomes

  • Introductory Geometry: exploring various geometric shapes
  • Gross Motor Development: picking up and handling the objects, strengthening their arms and hands.
  • Sensory Exploration: observing and learning about new textures and shapes.

Discuss with your child

  • What do you feel?
  • This shape is a circle/square/rectangle/triangle
  • Let’s explore the shapes together!
  • This feels rough/smooth/soft