Shape collage (3 - 4 year olds)

A great way to teach your child basic mathematical concepts of shapes/sizes is to create a collage by sticking pre-cut shapes onto paper.

Home Learning

Before the class suspension, one of our pre nursery classes made a tree out of different sized circles (pictured below) but there are countless activities you can do using this concept. To introduce more language you can include many different shapes and colours and identify them with your child while you are creating the collage together.

Making a shape collage

Learning objectives

  • Mathematics: understanding of shapes/sizes, basic counting
  • Language: language surrounding shapes/sizes/colours
  • Fine motor development

Discuss with your child

  • Can you find the small green triangle?
  • How many squares have we glued on so far?
  • Let’s count how many sides a triangle has.
  • Can you see any other circles in the room?