Counting hunt (5 - 6 year olds)

This simple game helps children work on their number sense, helps them develop counting strategies, encourages critical thinking and allows children to practise recording their work.

Home Learning

What to do

Let’s go on a counting hunt around the house! Create a simple template for your child to search for various items, count them and record them. They can draw how many items they find, write the number, or represent their findings with ticks or dots. So grab a notebook, some markers and begin hunting!

Before getting your child to find the items, ask them to estimate how many they think they might find. Then ask them to go and find out how many they can really find! This aspect helps support their estimation skills and self-confidence when they find out the answer on their own.

Counting hunt

Learning outcomes

  • Mathematics: children are learning to count, categorise, sequence, estimate, record
  • Fine motor skills: hand-eye coordination, handwriting

Discuss with your child:

  • How many __ do you think you will be able to find?
  • How many have you actually found?
  • Which items have you found the most of? Least of?
  • Can you order the items you found by least to most?