Fine motor finger sieve (1 - 2 year olds)

Spaghetti is particularly good for practising fine motor skills

Home Learning

You will need

  • baby spaghetti
  • kitchen sieve

What to do

  1. First, insert baby spaghetti into the sieve yourself.
  2. Then guide your child to pull out the spaghetti one by one.
  3. If your child has the dexterity, encourage them to insert the spaghetti into the sieve themselves.

Fine motor finger sieve

Learning outcomes

  • Develop your child’s hand-eye coordination.
  • Fine motor skills: exercise the muscles between your child’s fingers
  • Be able to understand things in different ways and be curious about things around you.

Ask your child

  • These spaghettis are messy, how do you think they should be sorted out?
  • Can you guess how big the holes are?