Bathe baby (1 - 2 year olds)

It is by imitation that children understand the world around them. From observation to practise, caring for a doll develops your child's social skills.

Home Learning

You will need

  • A large container such as a pan or a bowl (or a mini bathtub)
  • A doll
  • Soap, towel, washcloth …

What to do

By playing bathing baby, your child learns to take responsibility: taking care of someone else, clean them, dry them so that they don’t catch a cold, then dress them warmly. In doing this your child develops their motor skills, their sensoriality by playing in the water, and their imagination.

It is also a very good opportunity to develop vocabulary such as parts of the human body. Encourage your child to clean baby’s feet well, be careful not to put soap in the eyes, dry his head well, and do not forget the ears and nose …

Bathing the baby doll

Learning outcomes

  • social skills
  • responsibility
  • imagination
  • language

Ask your child

  • Do you think baby is cold?
  • Did you thoroughly clean all parts of the body?
  • What does baby do when he is hungry?