Home made binoculars (18 months and older)

Practise your observation and language skills with this great activity!

Home Learning

You will need

  • Two toilet rolls
  • Sticky tape
  • Decorative material (crayons or stickers)
  • String or rope

How to make the binoculars

  • Decorate the toilet rolls by drawing or sticking on them.
  • Once done, tape the two rolls side by side and make holes on the outer edge.
  • Thread the string through the two holes, leaving enough for the child to wear the binoculars around their neck.

Once you’ve made the binoculars

  1. If your child has never used binoculars before, demonstrate how people look through them to see things.
  2. Bring your child to the window, and ask them what they can see through the binoculars.
  3. Give your child the opportunity to explore using their binoculars, letting them guide the conversations.
  4. Build on your child’s imagination by asking open-ended questions and encouraging them to create a story for the people and things they see.

Ask your child

  • What do you see?
  • Why?
  • What is that person doing?
  • Where is that car going?

Learning outcomes

  • Social Skills
    • The child is learning to play with you, and to understand the roles different people have in society.
  • Communication and Language Skills
    • By answering your open-ended questions, your child will use their language skills, building on their knowledge of new and existing vocabulary.
    • If you ask questions like ‘why’ or ‘where do you think they are going?’, you are asking the child to tell a story, something that they will do in later learning. This can help the child develop their sequencing skills, or to create a story that is engaging and interesting.
  • Imagination
    • Imagination is key to storytelling. When you ask the child to explain ‘what’ they see and ‘why’, you’re encouraging them to build on their curiosity and imagination. They won’t know what these people are actually doing, so they’ll have to use their imagination to make something up.