Our learning philosophy - Part 2

The ‘Avendale Way’ is the heartbeat of our school, and the foundation on which all of our students learn. This is Part 2 of our list of blog posts that help sum up our teaching and learning philosophy.

Early Childhood Education

This is Part 2 of our learning philosophy. Part 1 is here.

1. The Power of Positive Language

The Power of Positive Language

The way we speak to children has a significant impact on the relationships we build with them and the way they go on to communicate with others. Being intentional with the language we use can reinforce positive behaviour, make children feel noticed and connected as well as build their vocabulary. Read more here.

2. The Need for Positive Discipline

Positive discipline

Build healthier relationships and improve behaviour in the long term with a positive approach to discipline. Remember: when you are old your children will be caring for you. Read more here.

3. The benefits of boredom

Bored child sitting

Boredom is creativity’s catalyst, the springboard for problem solving skills, drive, and ambition - a vital experience for your children to have. Read more here.

4. Five ways maths is more than just numbers

More than just numbers

For younger children, maths can take many forms and is so much more than simple numbers. In this article, we explore 5 things that are all considered maths, and provide you with tips on how to promote it in interactions with your child. Read more here.

5. Messy play - the what, why and how

Messy play

At Avendale, we often plan activities that some might consider ‘messy’. Often called ‘messy play’, we wanted to share with the what, why and how of these activities: what is ‘messy play’, why do we recommend it, and how can we encourage it? Read more here.

6. Early years’ art

Early years art

Welcome to the world of your little one’s creativity. When you receive your child’s artwork, you may think, “This looks like ‘scribbles’!”, but believe me, they are so much more than just ‘scribbles’. This post will explain why. Read more here.