Sensory experiences for young learners: What we do at Avendale

Sensory experiences are so important for children and come with many benefits.

Early Childhood Education

At Avendale all our classes engage in sensory exploration, from our 6 month old learners up to our K3 children. At each age children will have the opportunity to engage and stimulate their senses through different mediums.

Sensory play builds nerve connections within the child’s developing brain neural pathways, which trigger a child’s inclination for and ability to complete complex learning tasks.

Sensory experiences support language development as children are introduced to new vocabulary whilst experiencing a hands on experience. Children’s cognitive growth develops as well as their motor and problem solving skills.

Like many play experiences for children, sensory play develops and encourages social interactions. Children engage in exploring together and observing each other; building confidence in new situations.

When children engage in sensory exploration, they are exploring the world around them through their sense of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing; they are learning not only through one but often through all their senses.

Babies learn a lot through their sense of taste, they are able to distinguish was it edible and what is not. What the texture of something is through their mouth, that is why babies are always putting things in their mouths; they are exploring! At Avendale we want children to have as many opportunities to explore as possible, we want them to explore through hands on experiences, so they grow to be confident explorers!

Children playing with coloured water Children playing with cars and paint Shaving cream with swirls of colour Children playing with shaving cream with swirls of colour