Paint pad (6 - 12 month olds)

Home Learning

You will need

  • a cardboard canvas
  • non-toxic paint
  • cling wrap
  • an old sheet or towel (optional).

The sheet or towel is optional depending on how tightly you wrap the canvas in cling wrap. I prefer to use less for a smaller carbon-footprint.

What to do

Allow your baby to squash paint dollops under plastic to create an art work.

Step 1 Place some cardboard behind a piece of plain paper. Add fairly spread out dabs of paint to your piece of paper.

Step 2 Carefully lay a piece of plastic wrap over the paint and secure it at the back with sticky tape. Now allow your child to press the paint splotches to their heart’s content to make an arty creation.

This activity is a great sensory experience. Your child will enjoy the visual aspect of the bright paints and the sensory experience paint squashing.

Learning outcomes

  • Sensory exploration: touch and sight
  • Fine motor development: exploring the texture of the squishy paint
  • Gross motor development: using gross motor muscles to move around and squash the paint

Ask your child

  • Can you see all the colours?
  • Let try squash the paint
  • Can you squash the paint?
  • Let’s try make a pretty picture