10 songs to enjoy at home

Music is a big part of learning, and we often use it in our classrooms.

Early Childhood Education

Below, we share some of the music we use at different times in the class:

We don’t own these songs, or the rights to them. We’ve included them here (from YouTube) because we think they would be good to accompany learning from home.

Top tip: hide the screen and focus on the music only, not the video.

Circle Time

During circle time, we use music to bring the class together, and to get the class started in the right way. These YouTube videos are a selection that we have used during circle time in the past:

Hello, Hello, Can you clap your hands?

We have our own ‘hello’ song at Avendale, but this one is great as well. It’s perfect for groups to do together, and for the children to do warm ups to.

One little finger

Ideal for playground-aged children, One Little Finger is great for exercising and learning the body parts.

Wheels on the Bus

The song that needs no introduction- great to just sing, or do actions as well! Do you remember all of the verses?

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

This one gets faster and faster - can your child keep up?

Background Music

At Avendale, we often use background music. It’s great as a sense of calm in the classroom, and as a backing track to the child’s explorations - it’s also scientifically proven to improve learning. Here are some favourites tunes for when the child is focused on learning activities:

Folk Music

Anything with a good, calming rhythm and a bit of repetition is great. This one features a guitar, violin and banjo.

Peter B Helland - Bright Future

One of our Avendale tracks (we use this in the communal areas of our school), this track is great for relaxing. It’s one of many that Peter B Helland does, and he’s definitely worth listening to!

Studio Ghibli

Known for their calming piano tunes and wholesome movies, Studio Ghibli provides some very good calm music play in the background. This video is a copy of all the movie soundtracks put together.


A composer who needs no introduction. Great to play in the background during art or creative-based activities.

Conclusion Time

The time just before the end of the class is often the best opportunity for the group to come back together, recap the day’s activities and sing a bit more. Usually they sing the focus song for the week, but they might also sing some of the following:


Yes it’s not a word. But this song is great because of the lyrics ‘I love you’. It’s good for children and parents to sing with each other.

Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star

An old favourite, this is fun to bring a calmer end to the class.

We hope you enjoyed our picks of some of the best songs for kids. Do you have any favourites at home? Why not let us know what they are! You can contact us here.

For academic writing on the benefits of background music see this website.