Contact Paper Collage (1 - 2 year olds)

Create a textural art piece out of whatever materials you have around the home

Home Learning

You will need

  • a piece contact paper (A3 size is good)
  • dried leaves twigs and flowers
  • string/wool
  • cotton pads
  • cotton balls
  • old squares of material

What to do

Attach the contact paper on to the wall (at a height so your child can easily reach it, with the sticky side facing out) using some sticky tape or by simply folding the top edge of the contact paper over. Place all the art materials on a table or a container on the ground. Your child can select different pieces of material and stick it on the paper as they wish to create a textural art piece.

Fill the paper with bits and bobs to make a bright collage

Learning outcomes

  • Sensory exploration: touch and sight
  • Co-ordination: to be able to place the materials on different areas of the contact
  • Fine motor development: exploring the texture of all the art materials and placing them on the sticky plastic
  • Gross motor development: using gross motor muscles fetch, select, pick up and place the art materials

Ask your child

  • How does the plastic feel?
  • Is it sticky?
  • What will you choose to stick down first?
  • How does the cotton ball feel?
  • Which is your favourite?