Bubble wrap stamping (3 - 4 year olds)

Mark making with various objects can be fun especially with bubble wrap.

Home Learning

In this activity encourage your child to explore the possibilities of what might happen if they apply paint on bubble wrap. They may observe that if they paint on the smooth side of the bubble wrap, it could leave a slick print on construction paper. When they apply the paint on the bumpy side, they could create a printed artwork.

You will need

  • bubble wrap
  • tissue tube/different shapes of block
  • paper
  • elastic bands

What to do

If you’re using a tissue tube then wrap one of the ends with bubble wrap and tie an elastic band. Pour some paint in a tray and dip the bubble wrap side into the paint, stamp on the paper and create your pattern. Optional – you can use a wooden block and wrap the whole block in bubble wrap and ready to use for stamping

Bubble wrap stamps

Learning outcomes

  • Understands “who”, “what”, “where” in simple questions.
  • Experiments with some symbols and marks which may represent the idea of numbers.
  • Experiments with colour, blocks and markings.
  • Shows control in holding and using jugs to pour, hammers, books and mark-making tools.

Key words

  • bumpy
  • bubble wrap
  • stamping
  • names of colours

Ask your child

  • What can you feel when you touch the bubble wrap?
  • Which colour would you like to stamp?
  • How many prints did you create?