Teddy bear says (2 years and older)

This game is about building a child’s gross motor skills, as well as their language and listening development.

Home Learning

We used this activity as part of our ‘Storytime with Avendale series’, and wanted to share it with you.

What to do

In this activity, a variation on the popular ‘Simon Says’ or ‘Teacher Says’ games, we want to encourage your child to move around more, and to listen carefully to our instructions.

Find a teddy, and pretend that the teddy is the one giving different instructions:

‘Teddy says…’

For younger children: Start by making the movements smaller and more specific (such as ‘teddy says point at your tummy’). In this way, the child can develop their knowledge of the different body parts, as well as their listening skills.

For older children: Vary the activity to include more actions on top of the body parts (such as ‘teddy says jump up and down’).

For kindergarten-aged children: challenge their listening skills by occasionally removing ‘teddy says’ (without ‘teddy says…’, the child should not move). The aim for this age group would be to improve their discernment, and the subtle variations that occur in language.

Teddy bear says

Learning outcomes

  • Practising gross motor skills through exercising.
  • Practising listening skills by responding to different instructions and acting on those.

Language we can use:

  • Jump, hop, squat, crawl, touch.
  • ‘Close your eyes’, ‘touch your knees’.