Baby Sign Language (6 - 12 months old)

Communication is very important at this age, and while your child might not be able to articulate words, they often try to communicate nonetheless.

Home Learning

One suggestion for communicating with your child at this age would be to use baby sign language.

What to do

Here are some suggested signs that might be helpful to your baby:


Made by opening and closing one hand.


Pretend to move food to the mouth, putting your thumb and fingers together, bring the palm forward to the mouth.

Thank you

Make a straight hand with fingers and thumb, touching the chin. Then bring it forward to be flat in front of the chest.


Bring fists to body and open them quickly, or tap stomach to signify fear.

More information on the basics of baby sign language can be found here. Teaching baby sign language can be done from as young as 9 months old, and sustained throughout toddlerhood, with more vocabulary added.

Learning outcomes

  • Communication: Expressing feelings, Saying thank you, Talking with others, Attaching meanings to words.
  • Physical: Eye-Hand coordination.