Dice game (5 - 6 year olds)

Create a game to get your child's brain working hard while having fun

Home Learning

You will need

  1. A paper or big cardboard
  2. Coloured pens (e.g. red, yellow, blue)
  3. Ruler
  4. Some small pieces of paper
  5. Dice
  6. Small objects(different ones, it will be acted as the piece)

What to do

  1. Your child can design the board and paint it with 3 colours in sequence, with a start point and destination. Then either you or your child may make some marks (e.g. ‘bomb’ represents ‘stop’, ‘star’ represents ‘ play again ‘).
  2. You should then write down the question on the small pieces of paper. You may divide them into 3 groups (red, yellow, blue). If you like, you can group the questions by colour from easy to difficult. For example:
    • Red paper: read a word out loud
    • Yellow paper: Make sentence including a given word
    • Blue paper: answer a question
  3. When all is ready, start playing the game with your child:
    • Roll the dice and move the number of squares shown
    • Draw a card form the pile with the same colour you step on and answer the question.

Dice game

Learning outcomes

  • Beginning to understand “why” and “how” questions.
  • Beginning to use more complex sentences to link thoughts (e.g. using “and”, “because”, etc).
  • Uses talk to connect ideas, explain what is happening and anticipate what might happen next, recall and relive past experiences.

Key words

  1. Dice
  2. Throw
  3. Forward
  4. Backward
  5. Stop
  6. Numbers
  7. Colours

Ask your child

  1. What’s the number on the dice?
  2. How many steps will you step forward?
  3. What colour is that?
  4. Which card pile will you take from?