Working with us

Mandarin and English Teachers

Avendale International Kindergarten is recruiting world class and experienced early childhood educators. 

Avendale International Kindergarten provides children in Hong Kong with a bilingual (English & Mandarin) learning environment designed to spark their curiosities. We recognise that each child is unique and has an innate ability to acquire knowledge through playful exploration.

Inspired by the world renowned Reggio Emilia approach to learning, our curriculum and teaching methods are child centred and promote innovative thinking. Teachers at Avendale are experienced and supported by a strong advisory team to guide children into learning.

Our educators demonstrate an authentic love for children, professionalism, excellent relationship skills, passion, energy, positivity and creativity.  As an educator in our School, you will:

  • Engage children in a child centred learning environment to spark their innate curiosity
  • Encourage children to drive their learning, create their knowledge and develop innovative thinking skills
  • Instill moral strength and character to empower children in becoming productive and upright members of their community
  • Collaborate as a member of a team in order to provide a vibrant, dynamic, innovative and balanced educational program for our children
  • Provide students with a model for learning and living
  • Demonstrate active support for Avendale’s policies and procedures
  • Respect the knowledge and views that parents and caregivers hold of their children through engaging in active listening and conversation
  • Treat each child with dignity and respect
  • Develop learning experiences in collaboration with the teaching team that supports Avendale’s teaching and learning philosophy
  • Document and update all Learning Frameworks and planning regularly
  • Communicate information about children and their families with the Principal in order to provide the necessary support and assistance when appropriate
  • Attend and contribute to regular staff meetings in order to assist in the facilitation of effective communication, staff development and discussions on the management and programming of the School
  • Support families to understand student development, concerns, successes and progress and to share relevant records with parents both informally and at formal organised meetings
  • Create an aesthetically beautiful and purposeful classroom environment which fosters innovation, creativity, critical thinking and independence.
The requirements:
  1. Native English speakers
  2. Minimum 3 years relevant working experience
  3. Good understanding of child development and learning
  4. A recognised Bachelor’s Degree in Education or Post Graduate Education qualification
  5. Open-minded to new ideas
  6. Strong communication skills
  7. Highly organised and flexible
All applications are required to include:
  1. Cover letter (Describing your Philosophy to early Childhood Education)
  2. CV
  3. Two referees (contact details)
  4. Criminal record check

Visa sponsorship, attractive remuneration package with medical insurance and professional development opportunities available for suitable candidates.

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